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06-23-2011, 02:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
What's even more telling about how the B's operate comes at almost the same time in the vid. PK begins to stand up to Horton and before anything can even happen, Lucic completely runs over PK from behind. Gimme a break already.

Lucic is fooling nobody. He had no problem running PK there or any other Canadiens over the last couple of years...except of course when BGL was out there.
I seem to recall Lucic running away from BGL shift after shift for an entire game. Where was this higher sense of Hockey honour then I ask?
Stop making me laugh, it's starting to hurt.
Keep calling the kettle black B's fans, no pun intended.
May also want to scroll back up to the post about how many fights PK and Marchand had this year. Re-reading it before continuing to shoot your mouth's off might be a good idea.

Oh and my apologies for naming Seidenberg instead of Ference earlier but does it really matter...not in the slightest.
I've been saying it for months, every inch of the Bruins reek of hypocrisy. There's no point in arguing with them however, because like their team, they will find an excuse for their actions. Unfortunately, far too often last year the Bruins were allowed to do exactly as they wanted receiving no suspensions and being given convenient excuses from their coach and management. How many times did we hear Boston players and coaches say "he's not that type of player"... BS

The joke of it is that they now have the cup, and it's completely tainted. I loved how Julien came out and said his players wouldn't taunt. Then when they did he claimed he didn't tell the team.... hmmm...... ya.... right.... convenient. I know that when I'm in charge of something I always make sure that my subordinates never know what I want them to do.

Enjoy the cup Bruins fans, the silver lining in it is that the rest of the hockey world got to see up close what hab fans have known forever. Boston is full of SH IT.

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