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06-23-2011, 08:10 AM
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Originally Posted by SpeedyLazaro View Post
I was there the same time you were there... I saw a ton of loge pairs.. good one's too. unless they were 3's that I was mistaking for pairs.

I was in a bright blue raincoat, btw. .

I don't recall seeing anyone in a bright blue rain coat...but my memory sucks.

My friend and I hung out in my 316 row 9 and 10 seats most of the day. Was hoping to land a pair right next to mine like last year. never happened. Closest they came is tagging a pair in 315 row 10 on the 316 aisle. And tagging a pair in 317 row 10 on the 316 aisle. So we stuck with what we had. They did tag a single in 316 row 9 around 5 pm-ish. it was only one seat over from my group of 3. Unfortunately it didn't do me any good, being just a single.

Originally Posted by ProdigalFan View Post
I'm in Loge 8, Row 25, fairly close to the aisle between 7 and 8. Love my seats.
I have a friend who bought a pair of ST for next year in L8 row 25. I believe he is on the L9 end of the aisle though.

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