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06-23-2011, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by hpNYR View Post
Its very weird. Her brother told me she likes me and she's all over my facebook......but she was mad quiet at the BBQ while the younger sis and I were chatting it up
BTW they're BIG Ranger fans hugeeee plus
Hot Ranger fans = WIN

Go for it.

I've had similar situation, however it involved friends and not sisters. However, I kind of screwed up, and one got insanely pissed.

So, I had these two very close friends that were girls. They were very close, I had known them at least for ten years. I was kind of on and off liking one of the girls. She was a year older than me so I figured I had no chance. Then there was this other friend of mine, who happened to be very close friends with the girl I liked. She happened to have liked me for a while, but I hadn't known until rather recently. I did however find out from one of her friends. I shrugged it off figuring it would be alright. I asked the other girl, the older one, out and everything seemed alright. Not for very long, the other girl got extremely pissed at me, but it's not like I was ever in relations with her, nor had intentions to. So to make a long story shorter, I lost one friend, and gained a girlfriend.

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