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Originally Posted by BrowsingForACup View Post
Gainey was a very good GMs, and despite his mistakes, made anything in his power to actually make this team better. And he succeeded. Did he turn us into a contender? No. But he left the team in way better shape than the one he took on. I've always liked Gainey, even if in some situations I didn't agree with his view of things.Gauthier now? I've hated this pick ever since day one. To me, we needed to look elsewhere. Gainey brought what he could bring to this franchise. It was time to look elsewhere, so another guy could come in and bring a whole bunch of different things to our franchise. Instead, we decided to pick a guy who hadn't been approached by any team to be a GM in 7 years, who was absolutely miserable for Anaheim (Bryan Murray did all the drafting for Anaheim, not Gauthier), and that Ottawa fans pleased themselves to call the "ghost". He doesn't look like he's got that emergency to build a contender. He wants to go there, but isn't willing to take the tougher decision it implies.

I don't like him. In fact, there aren't a whole lot of things he did so far that impressed me. Halak WAS worth at least Eller and Schultz. I don't think anybody expected anything less than this if we dealt him. Wiz was a good pickup, for one. The hirings of Auld and Boyd right on July 1st were pathetic. His decision to give roster spots to guys like Gill and Darche a whole month before free agency opens is questionnable. And I certainly think he messed up last summer. He decided to NOT be creative, keep the same lineup, instead of being creative and improving GLARING weaknesses, like the fact our offense was already abysmal back there. It still is, in fact. We've been in the bottom-5 of the league offensively for 2 years now, and here he is, signing most of the players he could have let gone to replace them by more reliable and productive players. Last summer, while he was finding excuses, teams like Boston were finding ways to improve their team. Guys we needed badly such as Andrew Ladd and Raffi Torres slipped through our fingers, for the sole reason we didn't have enough cap space, when in fact we only needed to be creative to make room for a couple of those players.
I don't want to talk against Bob Gainey, the man or the player, but as a GM I think he could not have done worst. He will be remembered for the Ribeiro trade and the Gomez trade. Two horrible trades that put us a few steps backward. All the trades here :

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