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06-23-2011, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by schmautzy View Post
I had a pair I wasnt crazy about and figured I might be able to get something better with three seats.
I would have been fine with finding a pair and keeping that single to sell. It was a perfect seat. But when I walked in to the seating area and looked up I saw the three seats in 302 and jumped on them pretty quickly.
I had to run up and down the stairs a couple times because of an issue with my account. I bought the single off of a person on craigslist after renewel. She had to move out of town. Bad timing for her.
I turned in my seats at 4:15. Interesting how long it took to re-tag.
Was it darker in there than it was last year? Seemed strange. And the reps were all sitting on their *****. Seemed more lively last year.Maybe because there was less inventory?
Yeah the lighting kept changing.

There definitely wasn't anywhere near as much activity as last year. We talked to one of the reps (group sales person) for about 45 minutes or so. She certainly wasn't worried about walking around to help people. But in her defense, there was very little activity as far as people who needed help. Any time somebody needed help they just waved there hand while sitting in the seats they wanted...and they seem to get a rep with in a couple minutes.

if you aren't waving your hand to get somebody's attention, it's hard to expect them to approach anyone that is sitting down in seats. As there were many people just sitting down hanging out for us

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