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06-23-2011, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post
I would continue to follow the Rangers franchise, but honestly, there's maybe a .00000001% chance of them moving. If they did move, it wouldn't be Bettman's fault. You know he would do everything he could to keep the Rangers in NY. Hell, I doubt the board of governers would even approve a Rangers move. Where would they go that they'd be in a better market? The islanders and devils will never be bigger than the Rangers in this market.

I've seen some atlanta fans blaming Bettman for the team moving to winnipeg, but it wasn't his fault that there were no buyers willing to keep the team in atlanta. Phoenix at least has buyers willing to keep the team there, so Bettman is doing his best to accomodate them because growing the sport in large-market, non-hockey areas is better for league growth than sticking a team in a small market where everyone is already a fan.

League revenues went from 2.7 billion last year to 3 billion this year. That's 9% growth in one year.
Great post. It really isn't Bettman's fault that Atlanta had no one suited to buy the Thrashers -- it's always popular to blame the guy for everything, though.


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