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06-23-2011, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Anton Bomb View Post
So I know it's early, but job-hunting's been slow and I've had very little else to do. So I've given some thought about possible board avatars for next year.

Right now, I'm working on some revolving around the common "luck" statements that are attached to Carolina.

The first part will be a picture of a "lucky" event (say Brindamour raising the Cup) with a border around it saying something like "Lucky Cup" at the top and "06" in the bottom left. Top left will be an item typically associated with luck (Clover, Horseshoe, etc).

The second part will simply replace the item with the Hurricanes logo and the picture with "Luckiest. Franchise. Ever."

And if I can fit it in avatar form, I'd love for a third frame to simply be a quote about making your own luck or something similar to that.

So as a mock-up, something like this:

Though obviously with more effort put into it.

I think the idea has some merit to it, as we could do one with Ward making a "lucky save", or have "lucky officiating", "lucky post", or "lucky injuries". My only concern is not having enough lucky symbols, as after a clover, a horseshoe, and a rabbit's foot, I'm drawing a blank on any good luck ones. Bad luck, plenty. Good luck, not so much.
You could use bad luck events that have happened to *other* teams to get some more mileage out of it (examples would be Koivu's eye injury, Roloson's knee injury, Jussi's last second goal)

As for other good luck symbols:

-right-turning conch shell
-endless knot
-pair of golden fish
-lotus flower
-wheel of law

You could also go for a few gambling related "luck" references - a slot machine, roulette wheel, poker hand, etc.

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