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Originally Posted by averyrule View Post
Obviously this is a damn near impossible scenario. Because of the market that the Rangers play in and being an origional six team, even if they were sold there is no way in hell the new owner would even consider relocating them. But just for the sake of argument what would you do?

I've spent some time on the Atlanta (now Winnipeg) boards and a lot of those fans are pretty much done with the nhl for now. Some will follow other teams. And a few of them will continue to follow the team in Winnipeg.

So if the Rangers, by some twist of fate actually relocated, what would you do? Would you start to follow one of the other metro-area teams, or any other nhl team? Would you stop following the nhl? Would you continue to follow the team wherever they relocate to? After the initial greiving process I would probably start following the Isles. I wouldn't necessarily become a fan, but the Coliseum is so close to my house so I would definitely start going to games there just to see some nhl action.

EDIT: People keep commenting that this will never happen. I know that this will never happen, this whole scenario is purely hypothetical. The team already plays in The Worlds Most Famous Arena, where the hell would you even move them to?
It's much easier know to continue to follow your team than it used to be, with Center Ice, streaming games it's much easier to follow your team if they move or you move. As someone who moved away from NYC 20 years ago, I can tell you I have rarely missed a game in the past 11 years since I got Center Ice. The Atlanta scenario is much different though since they weren't there all that long.

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