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06-23-2011, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by TheOtter View Post
It wouldn't surprise me if nutrition were a big part of it, and it may make sense that you only feel it in your legs, because that's what you use the most in a game.

How much time do you leave between eating and playing? I have found that I have more energy and stronger legs if I make sure to finish eating at least 2.5, preferably 3 or more hours before a game. If it's less than that, I risk dragging quite a bit.
I am the same way. The only time I eat dinner before a game is when I have the 11PM slot. On game days, like today, I eat a good sized lunch a little later. I just finished mine now. Then when I get home from work I'll have something very small like some fruit or maybe a granola bar. If I come home from work and have a big dinner I drag ass the entire game and am useless.

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