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08-30-2005, 05:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Epsilon
I always laugh when hockey fans pull out the "we are persecuted" attitude and then display total ignorance with regards to the other sports being discussed.
The voice of reason: Epsilon

I think a lot of us will give Tennis credit -- it's a tough sport to play, expecially at a sustained level for over two hours. Atleast in hockey we can sit the bench temporarily (sans goaltender).

Point is, the article is bleeding bias. When I say bleeding, it's a sieve.

I've played everything from Soccer to BBall to Hockey growing up, and I'll vote hands down, as will a lot of other people who played hockey that it is one of the most demanding of the sports.

Consider: You're not on foot, you're balance beetween a 1/4in steel blade trying to make maneuvers on a sheet of material that people wouldn't even walk on. No cleats to adhere to turf, just a blade and ice. The physical rigors of skating alone are demanding as-is at say a public skate, let alone in a game.

We're not homers, so quit acting like a higher truth

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