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06-23-2011, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
We're in salary cap hell? The only key piece of our team not locked in right now is JVR... and next summer the cap is going to see a massive boost due to the 6M per team in TV money that is getting distributed this year.

The only thing we need to do is carve out room for a goalie... would hardly call that "hell". We have a cap "problem," but there are obvious solutions. It isn't like Carle is an albatross.
Originally Posted by Jester View Post
...we have 18 players under contract, too. Including some actual *ing talent, which I understand is a difficult situation to understand in Toronto.

We don't need top line defenders.

We don't need top line forwards.

We need to fill out the bottom of our roster, and sign a goalie.

We have players other teams actually want. Again, something I understand is difficult to understand in Toronto.

On top of that, the cap will go up this summer and will go up a LOT next summer.

Is it ideal? No. Ideal would be having a goalie locked in as well, but that's something that can be accomplished. It is not, however, cap hell. Largely due to the fact that Carter signed for a cap hit far below expected. Your claims to the contrary are an affirmation of your ignorance, and nothing else.

If we are in cap hell, I would like to see you enumerate the list of players we are at risk of losing this year that will severely affect this team. Leino is not one of those players.

Holmgren is an idiot, and he's gutted our farm system and hurt us a fair amount. He has, however, managed to lock up most of his key roster players to contracts at reasonable cap hits right now. He needs to get a goalie, and there are obvious pieces to aid in getting that done.

You don't "need" a rebuttal, because you don't have one. Congrats on being one more black mark on the intelligence of Leaf fans.
You were saying???

I guess Carter was never a core player now?

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