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06-23-2011, 06:19 PM
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Originally Posted by bobbop View Post
Actually I think the Kings were one of the three teams likely to go big for Brad Richards. Now it's down to 2 -- NYR and T.O.

The Carter trade I understand for the Flyers. Can't play 4 centers. The Richards trade I don't understand at all. You are turning the locker room over to a 36 year old Chris Pronger and gutting your young veteran leadership. Mike Richards was (is) a heart and soul player. Those don't come along that often. He makes the LA Kings a very formidable team and a Stanley Cup contender.

I think it is back to 3 teams. Add Philly as going for Brad Richards.

I think Mike Richards was too much of a partier and so was carter. Now they cleared their locker room cancer, got a good goalie, some nice young assets plus the 8th overall slot which is a great spot to be picking in THIS draft class and cleared A LOT of cap space which they didnt have to to begin with. All they needed was 5.x for Bryz'. Now they have all this cap space and NOT a number one Or even a 1A center and brad richards is on the board come july 1st.. It just makes too much sense for b richards and philly not to lock up each other on a 8 year deal (we all know philly loves them REALLY LONG DEALS. See Carter.)

And as a funnier side to the idea.. all them philly fans dont have to sell off their jerseys.. Now they just have to change the number and keep the "richards" name on the back. LOL

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