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06-23-2011, 05:50 PM
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I understand wanting to bail, believe me. When the Habs did not resign Saku Koivu, I was crushed. He was my favorite player in the league and I even went as far as distancing myself from the Habs, hence why I followed other teams. Despite that, you never can give up on your team. When the face of your franchise is dealt, it really is the ultimate test. I still came back to the Habs, hell I never missed a game. They are not my top team anymore though...

This gets easier but wow... I am at a loss for words on the trades. The Carter return is actually quite solid, especially if some of the higher up wingers drop down in the draft however even with Schenn. I still cannot fathom why Richards was traded. Was he that much of a locker room cancer?

I suppose you can take solace is your future is amazing but I'm afraid that is a couple years off. Regardless, even though we have our rivalries. I'm hopeful everything works out in this trade. I actually like the Flyers, hell of a passionate fanbase. Can't have you guys not competing.

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