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06-23-2011, 08:23 PM
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As a player, it has to be tough to resist the security of a career contract, but you absolutely have to be aware that if you sign it too early, you could end up in Winnipeg for 15 years. If you don't, and get whacked upside the head by a trade before your NMC/UFA years kick in, you have no one to blame but yourself. Signing one of those deals out of your ELC is altogether about money and security, not location and fit. The player must understand that he is giving up control over his future.

For Philly, I like much of the team's makeup for the future, but anticipate at least one down year. They're going to be awfully good up the middle with Schenn and Giroux. At wing, I'm a Voracek fan, big JVR fan, and Simmonds is extremely gritty and a playoff player. Swing at center/wing, Briere still scores in buckets in the playoffs. Philly finally has a good goaltender.

What this does is make the Flyers young up front. It's Pronger's team from a veteran leadership standpoint now. Are they boned in five years? Maybe, but interesting to watch for those five years.

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