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06-23-2011, 07:39 PM
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I think there could be overreaction and some players will sign for very inflated contracts (ex: Laich) just because other GMs need to do smth to balance it out (and limited market).

This happens every year but this year there are much more free money in the game (5M for every team = 150M).

Thus it's better to trade for say Kessel because he has already signed contract which isn't big. So you're paying picks and lesser players to get the player you need.

Those who will not trade will end up paying extra dollars and taking extra caphits (to get to the cap floor also).

So the more expensive UFA you sign the more you lose.

That way it's better to sign role players for bottom-6 and trade for Regehr (just example) than sign Pitkanen and top-6 winger. And wait out all enemies to get into caphell.

Overall inflated overpayment from 1M-2M contracts won't be large but the difference on the ice can be just what the doctor ordered if you will compare it with signing overpriced 3rd liners to 4-5M contracts.

On the other hand, if the cap will rise every year there will be more than enough empty space to drop bad contracts to (trade long contracts to FLA/NYI/etc). So GMGM's cautios strategy will fail pretty much.

Bold moves are to be done but not with unique players who we can't replace. Maybe Semin's caphit will become peanuts in 2-3 years =)

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