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Originally Posted by CharlieGirl View Post
Chris, do you have a link to comments about attitude issues with Murphy, or are you pulling this out of thin air?

Edit: Oh, so an HF writer pulled it out of his/her ass? Alrighty then...

Perhaps further investigation might be warranted.
Relax. Don't shoot the messenger.

I edited the opening post because the discussions weren't technically "reported." Either way, there were apparently some teams willing to shy away from him at the combine during interviews.

Anyway, there's this:!/mattcade24

On Matt Cade's twitter, he mentions that at the combine a number of teams that talked to Murphy told him flat out that they were not drafting him.

Ryan Murphy says some teams have told him flat out during interviews they are not drafting him, then asked his opinion on other players.
Murphy told one of our writers that he spoke to 26 different teams though did not disclose who those teams were.

As for rumblings...

When we were discussing him in the mock draft... (I'm not going to disclose who said what. I believe you should understand and respect that.)

For those talking about Ryan Murphy, I've read comparisons to him and Cam Fowler. I haven't seen them side-by-side but they both seem to have similar assets (and have been similarly praised for their personality) and are going into the draft with similar red flags. For what it's a lot of defensemen around his size (5'10 175 pounds) have made it to the big show. He'll probably add an inch and a few pounds in the next year or two anyway but it's not like with Ryan Ellis, who, while small, was also widely considered to be an offensive specialist.

I reread some scouting reports and for what it's worth, the biggest knock on Murphy it seems is his overconfidence. He is average at defense (which is something that can be improved with hard work and attention to detail) and stellar in his own zone. ISS's big knock on him at the U18 is that he was occasionally arrogant with the puck and often tried to do too much. That's a fairly common knock on a player who is better than his peers.

With that in mind he'd be a perfect fit for Boston. They play a conservative, defensively oriented system with the forwards regularly chipping in on D...similar to Tampa. The system also allows for defensemen who may only be average or slightly above average to look fantastic. Considering his shortcomings, that seems like a good system for Murphy...he'd be able to activate on offense without being a major defensive liability.
I'd be surprised if he gets past the Bruins to be honest (unless Hamilton is somehow still there). While he's not going to be a complete package type, he does look to have elite offensive ability.

That said, there have been rumblings of attitude issues, so if those intensify after the interviews, that could set him up for a bit of a tumble IMO

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