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08-30-2005, 03:27 PM
Rowley Birkin
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Originally Posted by Fan-of-#9
I wouldn't consider them "totally different players", I think they are both 70-75 point players at their best. They are both small, and skilled. Datsyuk may have more raw talent, but Briere makes up for it with heart and determination. We don't know about how much it will cost to lock up Briere, but we do know that it will cost around 4 mill per to lock up Pavel. At this point I'd like to address more important needs for this team, rather than swapping Drury + valuable assets for Datsyuk. This team would benefit more by acquiring Handzus, he would not be our highest paid player, and he provides size up the middle, something we are completely lacking. AND he would cost a heck of a lot less to acquire.

I know you want star-studded players, "big names", but the most important thing is whether they will help us win more games. If we trade Drury + pick + player, I don't think it is in the best interest of this team.
i consider Drury and Briere as far more similar than Datsyuk and one of the two. the only similarity the three have is size, they are all quite small. thats not really an issue for me with Datsyuk tho, since skill guys don't have to be huge to be effective. i would love to have both Dats {or a similar player, skilled #1 playmaking center} and Briere as my 1-2 punch.

its not about names or 'stars'. its what i think will make the team better, and swapping either Drury or Briere for the aforementioned #1 playmaker would make us a better team. in my humble opinion at least. and if i have to choose between Briere and Drury, then i take Briere every time. and yes, i do believe that will make us win more games in the long run. a pick {and i agree, that i wouldn't like to give up a 1st}, and one of our excess forward players is not a big price to pay, at all.

as for Handzus, i'm undecided. he's big but i never thought he was anything special. haven't seen him play much really i must admit. i'd definately swap him for Drury tho, as i don't see Handzus being any less effective than him, at a cheaper price. and as said, he does have size.

Drury would be enough alone to snag him imo, maybe with a pick or something coming our way as a sweetener. Drury would be a good fit on a star studded team like Philly, and they have Forsberg.... so yeah, there could be a deal there for sure.


you can't say that 'second' line doesn't have a lot of size. Handzus can put up solid numbers, but i'm still not convinced of the offensive production of that line. it would be a nice one to put out against other team's big scoring lines tho. and the 'third' has nice offensive potential.

i guess it works.

but i'd still prefer my #1 playmaker. man how i wish we could get Brad Richards in a Sabres jersey, he would be my 1st choice. problem is that he is most other teams 1st choice as well.

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