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08-30-2005, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Qui Gon Dave
Straying slightly off the topic of conversation for a moment, im not sure if it is a professional sport, i expect not, but does anyone know the name of those insane extreme triathalons that get held every now and again. The name, iron man triathalon rings a bell for some reason but it might not be it.

In short, these events tend to take over a day to complete and competitors usually have to decide if they will stop to sleep at any point or if they will try to go the whole course in one go. I remember one story from the tv show i saw about it, it said that hallucinations were know to occur. an athlete was on the running leg of an event (which consisted of something like a 100km jog) and was going up a hill or mountainside and on the way up, they said they saw a cow coming down the slope on a skateboard.

I know this may sound like BS to some of you, but this stuff actually happens. Athletes push themselves to bizarre levels just to say they are the best. Even though the discipline gets little recognition. Can anyone help me out with the name of it?

And before anyone asks, the Canadian Olympic hide and seek team have absolutely NOTHING to do with this
Yeah, it's the Iron Man triathlon in Hawaii. It's an extreme sporting event to be sure. Although it's still tiddlywinks compared to the best extreme stories from climbing in the Himalaya. For a good recent example, search up info on Steve House's solo climb of K7 from last year.

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