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06-23-2011, 10:10 PM
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Originally Posted by SilkyMitts View Post
not to be a dick or anything...but, you were never a flyers fan if you are going to stop following them after richards is traded. you were only a fan of players, not the team.
I became a Flyers fan because my favorite player (JR) was traded to them and left the team in the same fashion (Richie). To be fair to myself, it took a great deal of dedication to be a Flyers fan on the other side of the country for as long as I did and to say I was not a real Flyers fan is quite ignorant. When I got to college and got the NHL package, I watched and analyzed more than 500 Flyers games. I believe that my case is significantly different than a Philadelphian that is no longer a Flyers fan after today's events as I grew up with the Kings 82 games a year on FSN-West with Bob Miller and Jim Fox and went to nearly a hundred games at the Great Western Forum and Staples Center.

Like I said, I don't owe the city of Philadelphia or the Flyers anything in return for an amazing 10 years, it is time to move on for ME. No matter what, until I die, Los Angeles is my city. It just hurts more because the Flyers are the team that I chose to follow, not the team that I was dealt based upon my geographic location and family history (Lakers, Dodgers, Browns). Best of luck to the Flyers, I will continue to keep a close eye on them, which is most likely closer than 75% of the population of "Real Fans" in Philadelphia.

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