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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
Funny that you find the Sakic poor for snap shots and the Naslund great for snap shots, since the Naslund is/was a Sakic clone, basically the same curve with a slightly higher lie (the Naslund was the old name for the P92, which is now called the Backstrom). Shows why even with one person comparing curves can be so hard, because your technique/skill changes with time, and it's also difficult as a user to know whether your shot is mostly being affected by simply the curve shape, or also the stick flex, materials/construction, etc.

And IIRC, the TPS Frolov was at least similar to an Easton Drury/Bauer P91A, in case you're looking for a new stick anytime soon.
Interesting. I used both curves lately too. It seems the Sakic is a huge curve to me while the Naslund had less of a curve making it easier to get a quicker release.

Also, thanks for the bottom part. I usually use two-piece sticks and I found a composite Frolov blade for like 10 bucks brand new, so I bought it. It's cracking a little after a season or two of using it so it's good to know what a similar curve is.

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