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06-23-2011, 09:53 PM
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Sabres fan here... just wow. I can't believe you guys traded Richards. Just can not believe it. Recent playoff animosity aside, Richards really won me over in the Olympics - watching him play with Nash and Toews was really something else. Yeah, he crosses the line sometimes, but he's a phenomenal two-way player, always a threat short-handed, and leaves it all on the ice. I guess the off-ice stuff must have been pretty substantial, but still... wow. Why not just take the C, give him Pronger's A, and give the C to Pronger? Wouldn't that at least be worth a shot? Seems like a lot of the issues were because he was the captain, and obviously that wasn't working out.

How many more top-level years does management/ownership realistically expect to get out of guys like Pronger, Briere, Timonen, etc.? Sure seemed like you guys were in win-now mode, but trading your two top forwards for prospects and picks does seem to jive with that.

If this was Homer's idea - it was ballsy as hell, even if I think it made the team worse in the short term.

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Stamkos isn't happening, are you guys insane?
Seriously, why the hell would they move Stamkos? You don't move guys like that. Even if you managed to get him to sign a 10+ year offersheet at league max - Tampa matches without even blinking. No way Stamkos is going anywhere.

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