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Originally Posted by VL55 View Post
He's not exactly injury prone. He was pretty much an Ironman for the team, missing virtually no games until the current black serie.

First time it was a sliced tendon (by his own goalie!). As for the two knees injury, same impact would have caused same injury to anyone. This is the 2010s, we can rebuild it, we have the technology! You can be sure the medical staff vetted him.

There are plenty of players who have come pack fine from this. Like Wisniesky. That's right, the Wiz has had 3 knee operations and still just had a career year. If Wis is not damaged goods, then I'll take my chances with Markov.
Just to add, he did take a discount, he signed his last contact for 5.75M when the cap was at 50.3 in 2007. Now its at 64+, makes a big difference.

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