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06-23-2011, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by satrabyk View Post
Scoring Threat does not mean much if he is not willing to pay the price. Sure he showed good glimpses of scoring ability the first year he was here and many of us like the two of you are totally sold on this. The only problem is he does not exactly play the game the right way. He has tremendous skill and speed etc but he does not use it to dominate a game. He does not create space for other guys because he avoids contact, releases the puck or does not go after it in the face of contact and just does not show up at all in more tough games were there is more contact. Idk if it is an injury or not, or if he has just learned to play like this because of avoiding injuries but i do kno its tough to win if your superstar play like that and is not willing to pay the price as Kevin Weeks says it. Just look at the superstars in the league and tell me ones that avoid contact the way he does. Will Richards help his play? it could, but it could not, at this points its either trade him or sign Richards and hope it gets the best out of Gabby.
The problem with the arguments against Gaborik is that they treat him as if he's a second or third year player. Well, he isn't. They think his true potential is still uncertain. It isn't. He's an established top line offensive talent. He's been the best player on his team every year of his NHL career. Stop with the typical impatient New Yorker what have you done for me lately attitude. Gaborik is a Ranger, and a damn good one at that.

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