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08-30-2005, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Vladiator
Tennis definitely deserves to be there for being physically and mentally hard (when playing competatively).

What's baseball doing there? In that case, cricket is much more demanding than BBall. A test match lasts for five days. When you are batting -- it is just you against bowlers with no one to help you. On the top of it you have to hit a ball travelling around 100mph which also bounces off the ground and swings and spins in all directions. And you might need to do so for 1, 2, 8 hours, or even a couple of days in a row untill you make that one mistake.

Also rugby is more demanding than football. No pads or helmets, almost non-stop game for 80 mins with being hit all over the field.

And of course hockey should have been there.
Rugby > Football

Cricket > Baseball

Soccer > Basketball

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