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06-23-2011, 10:51 PM
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Long Post Be forewarned.

First. I will say this. The packages we got for the two players i thought were fair. I would have liked that 2nd to be a first from LA but that is all. If we can find a way to move up in the draft and get Larsson i will be thrilled.

That being said.....the moves made today are not consistent with the direction that this team has been heading into the past 3 years. We get much younger, and i believe much less competitive for a cup this season and next. These moves today make me wonder what the Pronger Trade was all about. I felt Pronger was the final piece to this puzzle but now we have more missing pieces to that puzzle .

I Personally believe these moves were made by Snider. You can tell that Holmgren was really emotional talking to the press today and did not seem upbeat at all about the players. This scares me on so many different levels. First off if this is the case i dont see the flyers being competitive as long as Snider is the owner. If he continues to make rash moves based off emotional reaction he will continue to tear this franchise apart. We have seeen for a long time the stupid trade for decades. At first we thought it was Bobby Clarke, but i think we are witnessing the real prescience behind much of the Flyers bone head moves.

I also think that this was a reaction to the Boston series. If you watched the series, it was not just goaltending as the main reason we lost. The players did not play hard or responsible on defense. I feel like in some areas we got manhandled physically. Once that happened i had the feeling that we would try to bring in some more size , and more physical players, since after all that is Sniders M.O.

However the more likely scenario for these trades is a culture change to the franchise. Its safe to say all locker room dynamics are purely speculation at this point. I can understand trading carter to get a player that is a pure wing, but when you trade your captain who is regarded as one of the best overall players in the game something must give. I hope in the coming weeks we can get more info about there presence on the team.

Frankly im stunned. Im sure we all are. I dont think many of us would be stunned by trading carter, but Richards too just doesnt make sense to me. He was by far our most popular player and our freaking captain and to trade him is heartbreaking. I love watching him play and will miss him like crazy.

Those 2 guys i felt made the flyers special. They were both 2 way centers, and were world class talents. But here is the kicker, they wanted to be flyers and took less money in order to stay with the franchise. That low cap hit on both of those contracts made it possible for us to have so much depth on offense and defense. When we eventually lock up Jvr and Giroux i just hope we can get them to low cap numbers as well because if not we will be a middle of the pack team. Getting low cap hits for your top players is pretty much essential to being successful in this league.

As we look to the future i wonder if its not in our best interests to see what we can get for Prongs and Kimmo. I love those guys, the heart and soul of our D. But right now i dont think we are competitive enough to win a championship and that's the reason why those guys were brought in. And also i would want to see Kimmo get his name on the cup before he retires.

So there you have it, those are my thoughts and feelings after todays trades. I will always support the flyers, but i am smart enough never to invest in jerseys.

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