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06-23-2011, 11:07 PM
Ed finally concedes!
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Somebody please cite the source where it confirms this was all Holmgren???? Again, can never accuse me of being a Holmgren fan and I'm still not a Holmgren fan although I support this culture change but I truly believe this was dictated by Snider (my own speculation) actually I'm not so sure Holmgren is that ballsy or shrewd afterall. Guy probably wanted to do some lesser ballsy moves and last year showed his penchant for that but after Snider saw Boston's success with the goaltending and the character play and grit he probably had enough like when St Louis used to beat the piss out of the Flyers and gave his marching orders and he didn't care who had to go. Like he has been quoted with going after Byrzgalov..."it had to be done." The capo says it and his underlings have to abide by his diktat. I don't necessarily agree with this kind of meddling but in this case it may have been necessary and prove to be a good move...

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