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06-24-2011, 12:28 AM
Mr Lahey*
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I honestly think that a considerable potion of this forum doesn't even enjoy hockey.

They come here just to throw mud at Kessel (or rival teams, players or fans) - why?

The guy is a joy to watch, not a great 2 way player but awesome offensive talent, exciting speed and a laser of a shot.

But some people here automatically hate him, because they don't love the game itself or instead they love roleplaying as GM or they love the sense of identity their team gives them, selfish things like this. I like watching Tyler Seguin play. I don't hate the kid because he was picked with a traded pick.

the basis of the hate is that he only got 60 pts last season and is nothing but a small peice - so? He's in his early 20s, and he hasnt been surrounded with much talent. People will say that he isn't a star - so? Finding a player with the ability to score like Kessel is rare - I'm sure you could post the stats of lots of guys who have 30 goals, but how many at his age? And how many with Lupul and Bozak quality players? And how many score those goals because they outskilled the opponent, like Kessel does 30 or so times a year?

So the trolls should just calm down, grab a beer, and learn to enjoy the game, and stop letting their team colours distort their love of good hockey!

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