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06-24-2011, 01:38 AM
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Originally Posted by GoHoundsGo View Post
How do you know he has a poor attitude? What do you consider poor conditioning? You do know that having his footspeed, and his shot require just as much training as having nice abs and the ability to ride the bike for an hour on 8, right?

You said he is "a quick skater" and he "[has] a good shot". You do realize that these are two of the most important, and hard to master skills in hockey right?

Phil Kessel is an excellent athlete. He may never be Nick Lidstrom or Zdeno Chara or Rod Brindamour, but he never should be. Being bulky would just slow him down. He has two highly sought after qualities in acceleration and shot accuracy, he will be able to carve a really nice career out of those (by the way, he is a great passer as well).
How do we know anything about NHL´s mental attributes like if they are jokers, leaders or bad for the dressing room. Well we never really know first hand for our self but have to watch interviews, check up what other people closer to them have to say about them and then make our own judgement. Kessel have elite talent, I am not arguing that. But he is not the type of person or player I would want the Leafs to use as a corner stone in their rebuilding process.

And it is better being bulky with muscles then an extra layer of body fat.

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