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06-24-2011, 01:56 AM
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Thank You Stoll, Doughty, Richie, and Schenn

This evening I attended he Jarret Stoll Celebrity Golf Classic held in Saskatoon. It was a first class event thats purpose was raising money for a local hospital to raise the comfort level of children who were either experiencing long term stays or numerous stays in the hospital.

Jarret was joined by Doughty, Richie and the recently traded Schenn as well as numerous other friends including Hartnell, O'Brien, Biz"nasty", Moreau, Ott and Schultz.

Together through bids on merchandise as well as the chance to golf with one of them on Friday they were able to rais approx $160,000 bringing his 6 year total to $1,000,000.

Stoll was a great spokeperson and the event was very laid back and included drinks, a supper and the chance to mingle with the players during bidding and after.

I have to say all the Kings players had fun but kept it in check. Some of my highlights.

Brad Richardson - very funny, out going guy. Was having the best time of all the Kings if you catch my drift. He was off the ice as he was on it, all over the room, chattin with everyone and always had a smile. Said the trade was very exciting. Looked like he was already training as he was very lean muscle and looked ready to rock.

Brayden Schenn - nothing but smiles. Toook a few minutes to talk with me. It helped I was sitting with a couple guys he grew up playing hockey with. Was excited about the trade, said all the right things that it was a part of hockey and that it could happen at any time. I got a feeling that he was very excited about going to Philly. His friend said that he was excited about the trade.
- as for Schenn, very lean, his brother Luke looked like he packed on muscle and seemed twice as thick as Brayden. Schenn was good to talk with but seemed to have a little rookie jitters compaired to the other vets that seemed to be able to work a room.

Drew Doughty - very pleasantly suprised with Drew. Spoke to him at the closing stages of the night. Very calm, very slim, looks 10 pounds lighter then last time I seen him (good thing). Stated that he was close contract wise. I told him I felt bad he lost his best friend in the trade but he suprise me when he said he and Mike Richards were best buds at the Olympics and he was very excited to land him. Stated him and Simmer are as tight as they get but agreed Simmers style will fit in well in Philly. The funny thing was he made and off quieter comment that maybe splitting them up was for the best? Overall he was very stoked on there chances this year and very excited about the trade.

Jarret Stoll - Class act, my work partner seen him in the gym today and he looks cut as ever. Well spoken and gave a lot to this night. Stated the trade would be an awesome boost to the Kings. At the end of the night he invited us out to a club with them, I am kicking myself for not going but my kid has grad starting in 8 hours.


Nick Schultz - class act, big bodied, well spoken guy that our table won the bid for. Awesome guy, very family orientated, very easy to talk to. Stated he ended the year on a concussion and was still having a little bit of side affects. Told him Mitchell was done in a year and he would look good in a Kings uniform and he responded that it would be a great place to play and that you never know what may happen.

Paul Bissonnette - Absolute beast. Funny as hell with no filter. Came over and spoke with us as he apparently has a huge twitter following that some of our table knows about. He was absolutey lights out funny and someone I wouldn't want to mess with.

Ethan Moreau - Looks like he has hit the gym hard. Is training in L.A with his brother, a former power lifter, and a slew of other instructors. I would take a chance on signing him as he looked in the best shape of anyone there other then O'Brien who is an absolute beast. Said L.A was one of the teams he would like to go to as he lives there all summer and has family there. The dude also showed up in flipflps and on old style ball cap so that cracked me up.


-a great night for a great charity.

-All the Kings agree that Deano is a tough negotiator but no one said anything negative about him.

- One of the anouncers said that Richardson had $912000 reasons to be happy, but no one else caught it or commented on it( has he signed or did I just miss- hear what I wanted to hear in a noisy room?)

-Doughty said he was close to signing which would be awesome news

- Schenn was so happy one could have thought it was Christmas. He is a lot leaner then I thought.

- every King was happy about the trade and many other players thought it was a huge move for the Kings that makes them a lot better.

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