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06-24-2011, 07:06 AM
with the 10th pick..
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i have absolutely no problem what so ever trading 15, next yrs 2nd and del zotto or mcilrath if we can land a player to help us score goals now. in fact, i might prefer that we do that.

mdz is a wildcard. he may come back to form or he may never be the player we hoped. he didnt play last year, so really hes not a roster player.

mcilrath's value may be at its highest right now, before he begins to resemble a 2nd rounder more than the 10th pick. waiting too long on him will be a mistake.

after seeing what la was able to do, i have a hard time believing that we couldnt find a scoring wing with a package.

lombardi was able to land an impact payer in his prime by moving top prospects. same with cbus. move prospects for guys in their prime who can hep now and for the next 3-5 years. hanks not getting any younger.

and here's another thing, roman horak was moved because he projected to be another 3c/perhaps 2c pivot. we seem set there with arty and dstep. both young core type guys that torts seems to like. horak had no where to play, thus hes moved.

why draft another guy who falls right back into that same slot. stupid. the mcneill/millers look like bigger, tougher albeit much slower and perhaps less talented versions of horak.

and whatever we do, please just dont call the name tyler biggs on draft day.

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