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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
Do you know how to read? I know you don't know anything about hockey, but do you know how to read?

Let me clear this up for you. His analysis only works because of the incorrect analysis of 3-4 players PER draft, not 3-4 players in total. He chose to provide faulty reports about a bunch of players. Given an honest assessment of those players, his "analysis" falls flat on its face.

Perhaps you might like to re-read both posts, since obviously you totally missed the point. Let me explain it to you again, like I might to a small child:

Ranger pick: Sanguinetti
Next 10 picks: Giroux, Varlamov, Persson, Berglund, Irving, Vishnevsky, Foligno, Summers, Corrente, Kana.

You see those 10 names? The guy who made the first post on this message board thread said 7 of them were busts. That's 3 less than 10. Sorry, honey, but that's wrong. Today, maybe 2 or 3 are busts. 3 others are young players who take a longer time than other players to be ready to play with the best players. Calling them busts is wrong. Got that?
Funny thing is kid I know plenty about hockey I'm just not a condescending creep about it. I have no reason to prove myself on these boards by telling people what to think. I know you don't understand like with many things but again you completely missed his point. People are whining about the quality of picks (booms) we make compared to other teams and if you look at those names like in your example none are huge boom players except maybe Berglund and Giroux. To this point the rest of the names are maybe solid at best. It's even more pronounced in other drafts where our picks more than stack up favorably to anyone picked 10 spots later.It's not about me reading it's about you knowing what your talking about outside of hockey yet again.

Honey? While I'm disturbed by your need to treat me like a gf (perhaps you need to get away from the cpu?) I'd have to say the term might be more appropriate for you since it's so easy for you to throw a fit around here it's very diva-like

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