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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
What it looks like to me is highly subjective,
This out of everything you said is roughly all that needed to be said. It's too early to start labeling guys as busts although you can be close to sure with some guys (like a Sangs). You can however rank them based on what they've done up till now which is what he was doing. He incorrectly labeled too many guys as busts especially a handful of glaring mislabels but the point remains you compare our guys and what they've done to what others are doing/have done and we look darn good. That was the elementary point you missed.

It IS important to point out that the jury is still out on plenty of guys. Why can't you just point out he missed too many guys why instead to we have to be treated to a rant and a conspiracy theory? We LIKE speculating we're FANS and we also like correcting each other without attacking each other. You should join us sometime it's fun really.

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