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06-24-2011, 12:06 PM
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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
Are you surprised? Ever since BG, the habs have always done that ie make sure we trade players when their value is at the lowest possible it will get.


Also, before I get crapped on let's take a look :

Ribeiro->Niniimaa (sp? don't even care actually)
Latendresse->Pouliot->Maybe picks
SK-> Nothing
Grabo -> Nothing
Beauchemin -> Nothing
D'ago -> Palushaj

In almost all those cases we waited until the value was at the lowest. If we didn't want these guys we should have traded them when they were worth something so we could get something back.

I probably am forgetting quite a few and avoiding to mention all the UFAs we didn't trade at deadlines or failed to keep when we should have because those are a bit more dicey to be fair. But still.. the above is a big enough pile of fail to prove my point.
bang on.

if we trade Pouliot for scraps (since that is likely his value at this point given his handling by Martin), we will quickly come to regret it.

do people really forget how weak Ribiero seemed, both physically and mentally, before we traded him... a few months later he's a ppg player earning a 5M$ contract.

Pouliot CLEARLY has the ability and the temperment to make the most of it. Once his confidence stabilizes and he reaches full physical maturity, i wouldn't be surprised to see him become a steady 30g scorer in the NHL.

and if history repeats itself, we'll have a scrub prospect, washed up overpaid vet or a late pick to remember him by

Originally Posted by BLONG7 View Post
Amazing the results you get when you try...Tanguay was awful with the Habs, the guy had no hustle, and mailed it in most nights...soft as butter in July...

? Tanguay has always been soft as butter, didn't stop him from being a GWG scorer in the cup finals, nor did it stop the habs from trading for him.
When he was here, he was arguably our top FWD until getting injured.

he had a nightmare season in T.B, and if you listen to him talk about it, he openly admits that mentally he never recovered from the frustration/anger he felt at the way he was treated by the habs management, and that negative mental state quickly eroded his confidence when things started to go wrong in TB.

he showed last year that his ability to be an impact top-6 fwd in the NHL is still there, soft or not.

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