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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
You are ignoring the fundamental problem, though. Our D was built to win yesterday, and our forwards are built to win in a couple of years.

This team lacks a center as of now that can play a lick of D. Giroux tries, but he isn't great at it. Briere is atrocious. Schenn will be a rookie.
Giroux is solid. Yeah we traded away our Selke caliber center in Richards and almost equally important guy in Carter, but we will press onward and do what we can do. I don't have the answer but I have this strange feeling it will work out. Yes he is the only solid defensive center we have, but that is who we have to work with now. Yeah we have been spoiled by having 2 great defensive centers, but they are not coming back, and that's the way she goes

I agree with Irish, the demise of the Philadelphia Flyers has been greatly exaggerated. We can be a 5 to a 7 seed depending on health.

Nobody should be expecting these new guys to fill the voids left by Mike and Jeff because those voids are huge. However we didn't get trash in return like some people are acting like. Voracek will match Richard's stat production this year (65-70 range). Yes he won't match eveyrthing else Richards did, so I digress. Schenn can do whatever he can do. If it is 30 points then it's 30 points. If he goes crazy and breaks 50 then cool. Simmonds will be what he is (fringe top 6 guy who could get 20 goals and does the dirty work). I put more pressure on Voracek personally. I think he can be 65-70 point guy next season if he's playing with JVR/Giroux. Not to mention we got our new goalie out of all of this too. We are so used to being such a front loaded team and not having a capable body in net, but now we have that and it will be interesting to see what we look like with a #1 instead of a glorified AHL guy in net. Yeah what good are Ilya, Danny, Chris, and Kimmo if this team is going young but I am not convinced we are done.. and even if we are done the natural progression of JVR and Giroux (mixed in with Mez, Coburn, Carle if we keep him, Leino, Hartnell, perhaps a UFA) will keeps us in the hunt. Keep us in the hunt as a prime contender for the Cup like we were? No because it downgrades our great chance at a Cup to a good chance at a Cup, but this is a playoff team next year and if you are in the playoffs you have a shot.

We are a weaker *team* on paper. I believe we will be a better *team* on the ice. It's like the Melrose philosophy of Will Beats Skill. Obvisously there was truth that Richards lost the room and had problems otherwise we would not have moved him on. I never acknowledge these rumors because Richie couldn't and still can't do any wrong in my book because I love the man. We have 3 former captains in the room and there is no shortage of leadership and guidance in the lockeroom. I am not convinced the REAL guts and REAL heart of this team has been ripped out. I think we as fans see it that way because we see how Richie tried to lead by example, but we don't know who was the real leader of the team. The only men that know that are the ones who lived it last year. I don't know what was said in the exit interviews and what not, but Snider picked Lavy and Pronger over Richards. It is now clear who's lockeroom it is and Pronger is the man for the job. It's also clear we just put all the eggs in the JVR/Giroux basket (will add Schenn to this group in a few)

It may be hard to fathom because we are all super pissed off and will be until the puck drops and we actually see what we are working with now. Could be medicore, could be pretty god damn good, but we'll find out.

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