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A look back at the Habs 2007 and the players Montreal drafted

Top 5 Players ranked by attribute:

High Risk High Reward
1. C Angelo Esposito, QMJHL – Fast and skilled but seems to be afraid to take a hit. If he couldn’t handle the punishment in junior how will he handle in the NHL?
2. RW Akim Aliu, OHL – Has already been traded twice in his brief OHL career for attitude problems. First round talent but has some real character issues.
3. RW Brett MacLean, OHL – Laziest player I saw in the first half of the season but he’s always near the puck. Despite his size, if he isn’t scoring, he’s useless.
4. C Luca Cunti, SWIS – Electrifying talent that is the most individualist in the draft and may refuse to play in the AHL which would hurt his odds of ever playing in the NHL.
5. RW Alexei Cherepanov, RUS – Russia did not sign the transfer agreement and this might have teams passing on Alexei early. He also struggles with inconsistency.

Safe But Limited
1. RW Brandon Sutter, WHL – It is too bad his offensive game doesn’t match his excellent defenseman game. Big, simple, and hard working third liner.
2. D Taylor Ellington – Think Craig Rivet, he’s not a sexy pick but you win with players like him.
3. LW Mikael Backlund – Complimentary second liner or third liner at the worse but he’ll never be the first liner we thought he could become last season.
4. C Olivier Fortier – Gritty two-way third liner in the making that can kill penalties and win big face offs.
5. RW Spencer Machacek – Owns a non stop motor and is a gritty two-way winger, but don’t expect much in the way of offensive ability.

Top Goal Scorers
1. C Kyle Turris, BCHL – Joe Sakic like release and can release it at full speed.
2. RW Patrick Kane, OHL – No one can shoot the puck more accurately through traffic than Kane.
3. RW Alexei Cherepanov, RUS – No one finds the open nice near the net better than Cherepanov.
4. C Oscar Moller, WHL – Possesses innate ability to find the puck in heavy traffic and owns a heavy shot.
5. RW Aaron Palushaj, USHL – Thomas Vanek like ability to bear down in front and finish.

Best Play Makers
1. RW Jakub Voracek, QMJHL – Vision, creativity, and ability to pass the puck with the opposition all over him are unmatched in this draft. Might not have the most assist of this class as a junior, but his play making ability translates better than the others to the NHL.
2. C Sam Gagner, OHL – Power play quarterback extraordinaire from the half wall.
3. C Zach Hamil, WHL – Future power play dynamo.
4. RW Simon Hjalmarsson, SWE – Creativity and instincts are through the roof.
5. RW Max Pacioretty, USHL – Patient with the puck and exploits the open creases in the defense with a deft passing game.

Diamonds In The Rough
1. D Will Weber, USHS – Athletic ability to be a star and can go coast to coast.
2. C Craig Smith, USHL – Trevor Lewis upside, just needs to physically mature.
3. C Travis Erstad, USHS – Tall and can skate with a great offensive package but is very raw.
4. LW Joshua Turnbull, USHL – T.J. Oshie like one on one and finishing ability.
5. RW Steve Moses, EJHL – Effortless and quick skater with great one on one moves.

Best Skaters
1. LW Billy Sweatt, NCAA – Amazing skater with an elite top gear and he knows how to use it.
2. C Angelo Esposito, QMJHL – Effortless and powerful stride.
3. C Kyle Turris, BCHL – Patrick Marleau like stride and power.
4. D Mark Katic, OHL – Agility is the best I have ever seen for a defenseman.
5. LW Colton Gillies, WHL – Long and powerful stride that is commanding.

Softest Hands
1. RW Patrick Kane, OHL – The puck seems to be magnetic to his stick and he creates a buzz every time he has the puck.
2. C David Perron, QMJHL – Simply fun to watch with the puck in his hands.
3. RW Alexei Cherepanov, RUS – Not flashy but the opposition can’t get the puck away from him. 4. C Sam Gagner, OHL – Capable of highlight real moves.
5. C Luca Cunti, SWIS – Type of player you will pay to watch play because of his hands.

1. D Nick Petrecki, USHL – Possesses hulk like strength and the draft’s nastiest mean streak.
2. D Kevin Marshall, QMJHL – Sean Avery like agitating ability to go a long with Volchenkov like toughness.
3. LW Colton Gillies, WHL – Big kid with superb strength and finishes every check.
4. C/D Jim O’Brien, NCAA – Ryan Getzlaf like size and strength to compliment his edge.
5. D Taylor Ellington, WHL – Teams will covet him at the trade deadline every year. Think Craig Rivet.

1. C P.K. Subban, OHL – He is hesitant to involve himself in traffic and will let a guy walk him to the net before he takes a bruise.
2. C Luca Cunti, SWIS – I’ve never seen him finish a check or sacrifice himself to make a play.
3. D David Stich, QMJHL – Big mature body goes to waste with his timid attitude.
4. RW Travis Erstad, USHS – He’s big but he’s hesitant to drive through anybody.
5. RW Sergei Korostin, RUS – His skill is amazing but he always sticks to the perimeter.

Best Character
1. C Calle Ridderwall, USHL – Down to earth and is genuinely kind to everyone.
2. D Theo Ruth, USNTDP – Enamored teams at the combine with his character. Also, every teammate he has played says he’s a great guy. People just glow about his personality when discussing him.
3. LW Colton Gillies, WHL – Every coach would love to have the pleasure of coaching him.
4. RW Dana Tyrell, WHL – Team first attitude is contagious.
5. C Logan Couture, OHL – Future captain is well spoken and is well grounded.

Character Concerns
1. RW Luca Cunti, SWIS – Potential coach killer and will flat out give up some games.
2. RW Akim Aliu, OHL – He’s been traded twice already in the OHL because of his terrible attitude.
3. C Angelo Esposito, QMJHL – Cocky, arrogant, and hesitant to venture into traffic. Some feel he hasn’t improved himself since he was 16.
4. RW Brett MacLean, OHL – Lazy and uninspired physical game despite his size.
5. RW Keven Veilleux, QMJHL – Lazy, the team that drafts him will have to wake him up every game.

1. G Kent Patterson, USHL – Best goalie in the draft could be the next Ryan Miller.
2. D John Negrin, WHL – Less physical but more mobile Scott Hannan.
3. RW Max Pacioretty, USHL – Big, fast, skilled, and a fine play maker.
4. D Nick Petrecki, USHL – Second round talk is bologna. He’s big, mean, and mobile with exceptional athleticism and character.
5. D Jonathon Blum, WHL – He has top 5 upside. He’s projection but his upside is through the roof.

1. G Jeremy Smith, OHL – Athletic but he’s not the best goalie in this draft and if a team takes him in the first round they will regret it.
2. C Nick Spalling, OHL – Decent but not great at anything, needs to focus on a being a shut down center instead of trying to be the skilled offensive player he is not.
3. RW Nick Bonnino, USHS – He’s older than most of his peers in this draft and will struggle against higher competition because of his poor skating.
4. G Trevor Cann, OHL – Will be a back up in the NHL. But he is impatient and goes down too early making him easily exposed up high.
5. RW Brett MacLean, OHL – He seems a step behind mentally, I have a gut feeling he won’t cut it in the NHL.

Offensive Defenseman
1. D Kevin Shattenkirk, USNTDP – Head and shoulders above everyone else as his offensive instincts, vision, and skill are through the roof.
2. D Jonathon Blum, WHL – He’s fast and has the hands of a skilled forward to go a long with creativity and offensive instincts.
3. D P.K. Subban, OHL – Terrible defensively but pure dynamite offensively.4. D Colby Cohen, USHL – Big defenseman that possesses a cannon point shot and impressive offensive creativity.
5. D Thomas Hickey, WHL – Great hands with confidence and oozes creativity.

Shut Down Stay At Home Defenseman.
1. D Nick Petrecki, USHL – Big, mean, and mobile, Petrecki is the prototypical shut down defenseman in the new NHL.
2. D John Negrin, WHL – Big and mobile with exceptional defensive awareness.
3. D Taylor Ellington, WHL – Physical, tough, mobile, and smart, Ellington is going to be a tremendous asset to the team that drafts him.
4. D Tommy Cross, USHS – Tall with swift mobility and a heady defensive game. His physical game is underrated.
5. D Ian Cole, USNTDP – Mature defender with size, smarts, and tenacity.

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