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06-24-2011, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by BruinSG17 View Post

You must be pretty happy with the schedule. Seems like last year Washington, Pitt, NYR were all on the weekends. They flip flopped some of the less desirable teams to weekends which should really help you out.

Last time you posted about me being wrong about ticket pricing (game 6 tickets being over $1200)...the Bruins went out and ruined the secondary market, making me right about pricing not even being close.

Stop jinxing yourself! :p

The Red Sox should make a deep October run this year so I expect a soft market to start the season and as typical in the past couple years a strong second half. I guess you'll do about the same as last year with rising season ticket prices giving you a small hit.

I don't care either way. I'm just happy I had season tickets last year and didn't have to buy off StubHub. I think I could have had loge seats for what I spent on balconies a couple years ago on StubHub.
haha. There were game 6 seats in my section and row in the balcony that sold for $1488/ticket before game 5 ended. I had a cash offer on mine morning of game 5 at $1500per. And if they would have won game 5, they likely would have gone for closer to 2k each... I rolled the dice and sold em at $750/ticket the next day.

But my major point was, you can't look at sales for ONE game and determine next year's market by it. You have to look at the big picture. There will be soft games and premium games, just like always. but by in large, expect secondary market prices to be higher this year in general.

The schedule is decent. No complaints there.

As far as the Sox go, I really don't think a deep Oct post season run will be a huge factor on B's prices. For the last few years, the majority of Sox playoff games have been pretty soft. There have even been large numbers of sellers at the scalp free zone trying to move their tickets at face. The world series being the exception obviously. But even ALCS games against the Rays were available all over the park at face.

Glad you had the foresight to buy ST before the push came. I never feel bad for people who wait till everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. And then want to go to a bunch of games and piss and moan about the prices. They didn't want to make the investment when the team was so/so...they can pay going rate.

Regardless of one's allegiance to the team from a fan prospective, if they were willing to take the risk when the team isn't as hot, they deserve to make a nice profit when the tide finally turns.

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