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06-24-2011, 01:36 PM
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I'm not too worried about the market. The balconys sell easy as heck and make the Loges dirt cheap. But they might go back down, games like the Wings and Sharks were never crazy valuable this year because they were priced high from the outset. There are so many saets in the 321-326 rows 10 and up on SH that need to sell that nothing will get too out of hand.

I went to all the ECF games but only used my Loges for two of them. None of the ECF games were profitable at my cost downstairs. I either sold them below cost b/c I found even cheaper seats (Santa Claus in Toronto with his 30 listings on ebay) or used them but none of the games made dough (didn't think about selling them game 7 just sold balconys and went money was irrelevant for that particular game but the first 3 I couldnt get cost after fees.) Market shrinks once you go over a certain price.

Balcony is cool a handful of times a year if your going for cheap but when the dollars get big you gotta be in the Loge IMO. Too many dicks stand up and make you miss goals up stairs and I feel awful for the people behind me if I stand to see since I'm big.

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