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06-24-2011, 02:09 PM
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Originally Posted by might2mash View Post
Also, no bonus cushion is necessary because there isn't one this year (last year of the CBA), not just so you can feel safer about whether guys will overachieve. I feel like Simmonds is going to want more, but neither Powe or Nodl will exceed $1M.
Oh, okay, thanks did not know that!

Yeah I know I overpaid, would be better than underpaying to illustrate my point tho.

Originally Posted by Blackhawkswincup View Post
Leino will get more then 3M on open market with this UFA forward group.

Problem I see with this roster

- Briere's D is not good for a C
- Your hoping that Schenn is ready to play in NHL
- Your wingers are all streaky players. Guys can play rod hot or ice cold (Especially Steeger)
- How will Giroux/JVR handle going up against teams shutdown lines/D? How will they pick up slack defensively for Richards and Carter?
- An injury to Giroux or Pronger is disaster for Flyers
Briere has played C all of last years, playoffs, this years season, and playoffs.

For a third line role, I believe Schenn can definitely step into that right now.

This may be true.

Giroux did it well last year, put Briere's line first if you want, they all took turns being the top line last year (even Richards line)

An injury to Toews or Keith/Seabrook would be of equal ramifications, but they could still survive for awhile I reckon.

RE: Leino: take .25 off Nodl and Powe's contract (As the consensus is I overpaid them), and give Leino 3.5M then. Is that enough from a team who gave him a chance to be the player he is?

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