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06-24-2011, 02:20 PM
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Not against trading Drury's contract for Jovo's rights. Not sure why Phoenix would do it. The $7M cap hit helps Phoenix reach the $48.3M floor. The salary is $5M and insurance pays the contract after 30 games. Phoenix doesn't need to acquire Drury's contract to reach the floor. They have been a playoff team the last 2 years. They are not the hopeless Florida Panthers. It would ironic if a team owned by the NHL needed to take on a bad contract just to reach the floor. Teams complain about the Rangers burying money in the minors and want it changed in the next CBA. They don't say anything when the Islanders reach the floor with Yashin and Witt buyouts,DP being hurt most of the year and performance bonuses.

Maloney's budget is supposed to be around $56M

The NHL salary cap will be announced in late June and could reach $63.5 million, with the floor at $47.5 million. Maloney, operating for the third year in a row under league-mandated restrictions, will learn his bottom line shortly, and it is likely to be around $56 million; last year, only eight GMs had worked with lower budgets than Maloney.

Maloney said that the Coyotes' strategy will not be to concentrate on signing players at or near the league minimum - as they did with the recent re-acquisition of center Petteri Nokelainen - but believes getting players in that range opens the door in the quest for higher-end free agents.

Maloney said Nokelainen fit a specific role, adding: "So, no, I wouldn't say that's accurate that we're just looking to sign as many guys at league minimum as possible. Our budget will be expanded . . . and then it's finding the people that fit into the holes we have with the resources we have available."
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I read this a few weeks which is why Phoenix's "interest" in Drury

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