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08-31-2005, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Rowley Birkin

but i'd still prefer my #1 playmaker. man how i wish we could get Brad Richards in a Sabres jersey, he would be my 1st choice. problem is that he is most other teams 1st choice as well.

awful trade. just plain awful. we laugh at all the teams that went out and overpaid for players. Datsyuk will be overpaid. he's gonna get around 4 million.

by trading Drury and Signing Datysuk we would also be saying good bye to Briere next season. you think the SABRES will pay Danny roughly the same amount they will HAVE to pay Pavel?

These are silly proposals that look nice on paper but are completely outside the plans this team has set. STICK TO THE PLAN!

Briere and Drury are Buffalo Sabres type players... Datsyuk is just another flash in the pan player.

ps. im in the process of moving to florida... no internet for a week or so.... Rowley... you're getting a free pass, you know id be all over this debate.

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