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06-24-2011, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Quarantesix View Post
stats can change . Goalie win cups, I take Price over Kopitar and Halak any day of the week.
I can respect your claim that Price is better than Halak in the playoffs even though that hasn't been proven yet.

But to say the difference between Price and Halak is so great that a ppg center doesn't even matter? I have to conclude you're a raging Price homer, know nothing about Kopitar and hated Halak because that's the only way this makes sense.

Especially since your claim that goalies win cups is not true at all. And as proof I'll bring you Niemi, Gigučre, Osgood, Fleury who have won something like 5-6 of the last 15 cups and they clearly weren't the driving forces behind their team.

I could also name you TONS of great goalies who couldn't win cups because the teams they played for sucked (including possibly the greatest of all time in Hasek who couldn't win with Buffalo).

So I maintain that "Price > Halak+Kopitar for winning a cup" is a completely asinine claim.


I think I'd take Kopitar alone ahead of Price. A point per game center is pretty damn important to win a cup too. Arguably more so than a good goalie.

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