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10-18-2003, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Plekanec
Hainsey did'nt play a nice game against the Pens, he was our weaker defenseman with Quintal IMO... He was too slow to react.. he was too often droping the puck along the board instead being in movement and being more creative with the puck...

Hainsey is overall more talended and will become a better defenseman no doubt, but Bouillon is quicker, faster and is a better fit in the actual line-up IMO... We need a quick and fast skater like Bouillon at defense to penetrate the neutral zone at full speed sometime! Bouillon also bring more energy and intensity, he is the kind of guy that can change the momentum with a spectacular body check!

Great decision by Julien!
Yeah, it's interesting: Hainsey played himself out of the line-up by trying to be too conservative rather than exploiting his natural skill and talents. Bouillon, on the other hand, usually plays himself out of the line-up when he tries to do too much to impress his coach.

Hainsey, it seems, is played timidly so as not get taken out of the line-up, whereas Bouillon usually plays too aggressively in order to remain in the line-up.

Healthy comptetition can't hurt, although I would rather have seen Quintal sit, as Hainsey has on the whole played pretty well, if a little too cautiously.

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