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06-24-2011, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by i am dave View Post
How have you still not gotten the point after all this time?
nobody is 'missing the point' .... if anything, you don't understand what Jest's claim actually was.

Jest claimed that if you got TV through DirecTV, [even though you also get TV through Comcast] you ceased being a customer of Comcast, and that was the argument he used to try and counter my statement that Comcast does not treat all of it's customers equally:

a Sharks fan [living in texas, for example] who has DTV and Comcast can get CSN Bay Area on Satellite, and watch his home team area CSN on Satellite, while a Flyers fan [living in texas, for example] who has DTV and Comcast cannot get CSN Philly on Satellite, and can't watch his home team area CSN on Satellite.

that is factually correct, and is not open for debate.

why can't the Flyers fan get CSN Philly on Satellite? Because Comcast uses the loophole to keep CSN Philly off the dish.

one fan gets his home team's area CSN on Satellite, the other does not. indisputable.

Comcast is the company who determines this. they are treating 2 of their customers in 2 different manners. indisputable.

they are both Comcast customers. indisputable. regardless of Jest's claim otherwise

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