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Originally Posted by AraGOHABSGO View Post
No, but you just can't say for sure that he will be as good as he will be. You never know how a player will turn out to be.

How the hell is it your point? The goalies who won the cup had an amazing team in front of him. So changing Gomez for Kopitar, does not make us an amazing game.

Once again, you dont even answer my point. Brodeur had no superstar when he won teh cup. But he is the best goalie in NHL ( record wise ). Just proving that a amazaing goalie can win games on his on. Why do you think the devils went for a defensif style? Because they know that they have a guy that can stop everything. Score a goal, and then just stay back.

Could be, but it is my point.

Get your facts right, Halak played 52 games if you include the Olympics. That would have meant 30 games for Auld... Yeah, I am sure we would of made the playoffs...
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