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08-31-2005, 01:35 PM
Rowley Birkin
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Originally Posted by Jame
awful trade. just plain awful. we laugh at all the teams that went out and overpaid for players. Datsyuk will be overpaid. he's gonna get around 4 million.
which is a fair price to pay for a guy not yet in his prime, but is already {imo} a #1 center on most teams, capable of scoring around the PPG mark.

the {usually unreliable} Russian press say that he is looking for Hossa/Thornton money, but i don't buy that. i think he will be signed for $4m at the very most, maybe less.

he would be a great signing, but i don't want to open up another debate on it.

by trading Drury and Signing Datysuk we would also be saying good bye to Briere next season. you think the SABRES will pay Danny roughly the same amount they will HAVE to pay Pavel?
i don't see your logic here. if we signed Datsyuk, then we'd have to choose between Briere and Drury, but we wouldn't lose both of them.

These are silly proposals that look nice on paper but are completely outside the plans this team has set.

Briere and Drury are Buffalo Sabres type players...
unfortunately i think you are right. this just points to the Sabres lack of ambition.

Datsyuk is just another flash in the pan player.
i'd like to know how you come to that conclusion.

ps. im in the process of moving to florida... no internet for a week or so.... Rowley... you're getting a free pass, you know id be all over this debate.
i hope your move goes smoothly. all the best

Datsyuk and Briere as your 1-2 punch may look better on paper and would probably be more productive. BUT. Do you realize what you're losing with Drury? Drury can be matched up with other teams offensive lines, he is a 2-way player. He can penalty kill, play the PP, be the leader for this team. His effort makes the others accountable, they gotta play just as hard. The only thing that excites me about Datsyuk is the thought of playing him with Max and Vanek. Other than that, I see more negative than positive. I do recognize that by losing Drury we are losing what is probably our most balanced and versatile forward.
sigh.... Drury is not an effective checking line player. he's not an overly effective offensive player either. he is a decent all rounder who is a good complimentary player. he excels at nothing. there is nothing wrong with that, but we already have enough of those types on the team for a cheaper price. if you gave me the chance to swap him for a player of Datsyuk's caliber, then i just couldn't get the deal done fast enough. like i said tho, i don't really want to do this arguement again, it was only the other week when i did it last.

i can't think of too many other players that i'd rather be centering Vanek, outside of the untouchables like Richards.

A Big part of the Flyers success is that they always have size down the middle, a BIG centreman with decent tools is a rare commodity these days. Last year they had Roenick, Primeau and Handzus. With our core of "smurf" C (Briere, Drury, Roy), Handzus would be a huge addition down the middle IMO.

The problem there is I doubt the Flyers would take on more salary if they did trade Handzus, I could see them biting on something like Connolly/Stafford + Kotalik, they could use some help on the wings.
we wouldn't have room for Briere, Drury and Handzus, neither on the roster or on the payroll. especially with Roy around.

if Handzus could be had for Connolly + Kotalik, then i'd look at it strongly. i really like Ales, but it could be a solid move. we'd then have to trade one of Briere or Drury {as said, i'd rather it be Drury}, and hopefully get a return.

you mention Roenick.... he is another guy i'd love to see in a Sabres jersey. one of the few players i've seen that really combines skill and grit. i know he can be an *******, but still. going a bit OT here.

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