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08-31-2005, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by signaliinoise
Forgive me for this...

Sabres goalies as hold-em analogy:

Noronen: King-Jack off-suit. Possible straight, possible high pairs.
Miller: Ace-2 suited. Possible low straight, possible flush, possible straight flush, possible high pair.
Biron: pocket 9s. Trips, boat or maybe the middle pair is good enough.

Any one of them is tough to let go before the flop. I'm willing to let camp be the flop. Odds are with Biron, but let's just see if the year
off hasn't hurt him.
S/N, I love your analysis here. And, of course, depending on position, Noronen and Miller are both folds before the flop if you're playing it tight. Personally, A2s is only playable in late position, with only limpers in front of you. Good stealing hand.

KJos is a fold early, a call in middle position, and a raise if folded to you. Any action in front of you is a fold unless you're short-stacked.

Me? I'll take pocket 9's any day of the week over those two hands.


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