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08-31-2005, 05:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Buffaloed
It's a no-brainer that Miller's the one that should be dealt. When the hype is replaced by the reality that his potential is as a solid starter (same as Biron and Noronen), not a franchise goalie, his value is going to drop. The Sabres can get a good player that can help them win now by dealing Miller. At the very least they can get a first round pick.

Noronen isn't going to fetch more than a 2nd rounder or another team's salary dump (eg Aaron Miller).

Biron will only bring back a salary dump-type player as payroll space has to be created to acquire him. Maybe there's a fit with another team that needs a goalie looking to unload a $2 million player, but it's a longshot he'd be as useful as what could be had for Miller.

I haven't seen anything in Miller that leads me to believe he'll develop into anything better than Biron or Noronen. It makes no sense spending the next 2-3 years to prove it. Trade the guy while he still has high value to do something to significantly improve the team.

If Noronen emerges as the starter this season, Biron can be dealt at the deadline or dealt early in the 2006 offseason as a RFA when teams have cap room. If Biron shows he's the man, lock him up long-term.

Miller was selected in the 5th round. He wasn't a need player when he was selected and isn't now unless he's viewed as a franchise-type goalie. It was a fortunate accident that he turned into a top prospect. It's about time the Sabres cashed in on him.
The only time we can use "no brainer" when dealing with this mess is when describing the GM who'll be making an "informed" goaltending decision. Do you really think Miller could bring back a first-rounder? I don't see any team being that desperate today to make that deal on hype alone. Is the market really there right now? I'm not sure, but of course I'd do the deal in a heartbeat if it could be had. I think he's the most tradeable of Buffalo's assets between the pipes. Still, it doesn't mean that he should automatically be the one to go because he has shown promise and he comes cheap.

We keep hearing that the Sabres want to be financially responsible this season, so it seems that unloading Biron and his $2M+ salary while keeping two guys that could do an equal or better job at a much cheaper price *combined* would equally be a no brainer. Biron had a nice win/loss record in 2003-04, which could entice a team to snag him....or make a case for him to stay. His salary is pretty competitve for a starter in this league. Now I feel like Darcy, and I can't make a choice. This is why I don't see the situation as a no brainer. I still lean towards dumping Biron....

All in all, I really don't care who gets dealt as long as the mess is cleaned up. I'd prefer to keep Miller because I see him as an excellent talent. He played on good teams at MSU, but it's not a fortunate accident that he became a top propsect. How can you explain his success in Rochester? I'd like to see how he does at Team USA's Olympic camp next week.

In the end, it probably won't matter that much anyways. Look at the roster.

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