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06-25-2011, 02:14 AM
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Originally Posted by NobodyBeatsTheWiz View Post
I've decided that there are virtually no moves the Caps could make this offseason that would make everyone happy.

There's a clamoring for more North American grit. Then when some is acquired, its a bad deal because it's an over payment.

Whatever. I'm just happier the team is better today than it was yesterday. Ideally, this move is just a contingency for Laich leaving, and doesn't mean the organization won't pursue him anymore.
I originally posted when this trade was made I thought it wasn't very good. I will admit after sitting down and thinking about it, I like the trade. I am one of those wanting grit and GMGM did get it. Had this been a deep draft, I would have wondered why a 1st more thoroughly. When I sat down and thought this, I thought to myself this pick might have been a Pokulok pick and I am glad we got a roster player with SC experience.

As for the Laich talk, I have yet to see anything in the media that he is leaving and if I was him I would want to see what contract I could get before making a decision. This could be his last contract where he can make some legitimate money. Now, if Laich leaves I just hope he goes West or away from a rival. If he stays, that is more grit on this team and a class act player staying. Regardless, this draft and UFA season is a really unattractive list and we get a tough player and that is what this team needs. The time now is to win and I rather take chances this year than wait for a prospect to develop when the core are 30 something. Btw, Laich on the rangers with Coach Tortorella scares the hell out of me.

Go Caps!!

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