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06-25-2011, 03:09 AM
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As for the Flyers:

I think they managed to get (at least) fair value for Carter and Richards, to their credit.

I also think that their forwards will be truly fantastic... in a few years.

Problem is, by then, Pronger and Timonen will likely be in serious decline (or gone).

The Flyers' trades make perfect, glorious sense for a rebuilding team. But the Flyers aren't a rebuilding team. When you have 36 year old Pronger and Timonen as your Top 2 D, and you're one year removed from a Cup Final appearance, your attitude should definitely be "win now".

These trades don't really help the Flyers do that, imo. They'll likely make the Flyers much better up front within a few years, but will Pronger and Timonen have much left in the tank by then?

It's an interesting gamble that Holmgren is taking, but I don't think that I fully agree with it. If it was just the Carter deal, or just the Richards deal, I think it would be great. Free up some cap space, and strike a good balance between trying to win now while setting your team up for long-term success. But by doing both trades, they're taking a bit of a risk, imo.

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