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06-25-2011, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
All this gloating while Philly remains in better shape than the Rangers. Their forwards are still more talented, and now they have a goalie, and at least for a short while, their defense is just fine.

I don't care how talented Richards is. If the reports about his personality and the off-ice garbage is true, the Flyers are way better off without him. Turning him and Carter into assets, even if not as good as Richards and Carter was the smart way to go.
I agree, the gloating is ridiculous. I remember well what it felt like to see Ratelle and Park get sent down the road. Sucks for any fan base to lose the face of their franchise. Philly did every one else a favor and sent a strong message. The situation had to be serious and Holmgren should be commended for having the balls to do the right thing.

Where we disagree is where the Rangers are at. As usual, you are more than a bit negative there. But you have tenure here after a fashion, and you always use your head.

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